Moving Your Business

Boston Moving Co specialize in commercial moving for any type of business.

Long distance image We understand that downtime has to be kept to a minimum and this is why you can be confident that BOSTON are the perfect choice for your office move. Your move can be done during a weekend or after hours for your convenience.

Planning for a business move

We'll visit your current premises to assess your requirements by looking at all of the varying elements involved in your business move. We will work through a comprehensive checklist to ensure all aspects are covered. From there, we will carry out a survey and provide an estimate, based upon your specific criteria and all the elements involved in your relocation. We'll provide a range of packing materials - crates, bins, boxes. Heavy lifting equipment if needed for heavy or bulky items.

Moving IT Equipment

Moving servers When it's time to transport sensitive electronic equipment such as computer servers, count on BOSTON MOVING CO to handle it safely and efficiently. If needed, we will coordinated pick up and delivery with your technicians to minimize the downtime.

Moving medical office

dental equipment
Boston Moving Company has been serving medical professionals in the Boston area for years. We know how to handle sensitive medical equipment. If you are planning a medical or dental office relocation, call Boston Moving Company and let our experienced staff assist you in planning your next move.

Disposal - Recycling solutions

There is may be need to dispose some of the unwanted office furniture and equipment, during a course of relocation. Please, do not hesitate to ask about our removal service.
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