Moving to another State

Our flexible, affordable, and professional interstate moving services will make the entire process simple and easy. Starting point of any successful interstate move is proper planning. Below are some tips to help you get started. Long distance image It's often said that it is a good idea to get an estimate from several movers. It's true, but don't just fill an anonymous form online promising to offer quotes from "reputable moving companies". That's how problems usually get started. You want to be in control. Do a little research - ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors. Ask your realtor. Do some research online but make sure you are dealing with actual movers. Narrow your search to thee or four moving companies, preferably in your area. Then invite them to provide an in-house estimate.

1. Choosing movers

If you did your home work, and you are pretty much satisfied with your potential mover's credentials, then you can base your decision solely on the time frame and price. Of course personality factors are important, but remember that the person offering the estimate is a salesperson and their job is to sell their company to you.  Ask to have everything in writing. Make sure your quote is based on weight and not volume. Also, request the rate for pound weight since that is ultimately how they will charge to move you long-distance. If you need help find good movers in your area call us at Call (617)943-2153 We can help

2. Estimate

Use our online form for an instant quote. However, it’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate since every move is different with unique factors. Please call Call (617)943-2153 for a free, no obligation consultation or to schedule an estimate appointment at a time of your convenience. moving cost calculator

3. Reality check

Most disappointments in moving (as in life) come from high expectations. If you take the lowest quote and expect the best service you will be disappointed. If somebody promised to deliver you shipment from cost to cost in 3 days, you should take that claim with a grain of salt. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

It is always smart to make contingency plans and adjust your budget accordingly. Don't be afraid to ask question such as “What happens if my shipment is not delivered within the promised time frame?” or “What if the actual weight of my shipment exceeds your estimate?”

Taking Responsibility

You probably have heard that moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It affects your family, your work, your money - all at the same time. At BOSTON our goal is to limit stress of your moving by taking responsibility for collecting and delivering your belongings to your new home on time, safely, and on budget.

Our Guarantee

If you have decided to contract BOSTON MOVING CO for your long distance move - you are making sure that:
  • You will be treated respectfully and honestly.
  • Your belongings and residence will be handled with care.
  • Your move will be accomplished on time.
  • The price you had negotiated with us - that is the price you will pay - No gimmicks, no games!
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